What is NcFTPd Server?

NcFTPd is a high-performance File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server software solution for UNIX systems, designed especially for high-traffic sites and internet service providers. It is also popular among students, home users, educational sites, and businesses. NcFTPd has been providing fast, flexible, secure, and commercially supported FTP service since 1996!

The current version is: 2.8.7 (September 9, 2012).

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Why you should use NcFTPd for your FTP server

The reason is simple -- you can service more remote users at a time, and therefore move more data out the door. Instead of upgrading your hardware, upgrade your software by using NcFTPd. It is certainly cheaper to install NcFTPd than it is to buy more workstations whose sole purpose is to act as additional FTP servers.

There are also security benefits you can't find anywhere else. Since NcFTPd was designed from day one with security in mind, it has gained a reputation among administrators as a very secure product. NcFTPd is periodically re-audited to reduce the probability that a buffer overflow, race condition, denial-of-service, or other security problem exists.

There hasn't been a single major security problem with NcFTPd in the entire history of the product, dating back to 1996! Can your existing FTP server software or other FTP server software you were considering say the same?

NcFTPd is very configurable, including powerful support for virtual hosts and virtual users, but is still a breeze to install. Check out the feature list for more reasons why NcFTPd is the FTP server for you.

Why NcFTPd out-performs the rest

Almost all standard UNIX FTP daemons, including wu-ftpd (Washington University FTP Daemon) are based off the same code from the original BSD release of long ago. NcFTPd has been written from scratch and optimized with anonymous FTP service in mind.

NcFTPd's "no-forks" philosophy dramatically reduces the load on your server and increases responsiveness to your users. Standard FTP servers fork a child process for each new incoming connection, and then one or more child processes for each directory listing that connection requests. NcFTPd, on the other hand, literally does not need to spawn any additional processes after initialization.

Your standard FTP server is bottle-necked by a well-intentioned process called the /etc/inetd, which is the Internet Superserver process. Inetd handles traffic for many standard internet services all under the umbrella of one process. Unfortunately inetd was never intended for high-volume FTP service. Besides forking a child process to do the FTP, inetd also has other internet services to worry about. NcFTPd is a stand-alone server that only services FTP, and does not operate from the inetd. This means new incoming connections get snappier response times.

Directory listings have been optimized within NcFTPd. Standard FTP servers fork a /bin/ls process to do each directory listing. NcFTPd has its own fast /bin/ls-compatible directory listing mechanism built-in. On top of that, NcFTPd has an intelligent directory listing caching scheme which saves pre-sorted and pre-loaded directory listings of your most accessed directories, making them available for rapid re-use.

Although the directory caching uses a little memory, the savings from not spawning child processes proves to be a significant memory savings overall. That leaves room for more simultaneous remote users for NcFTPd. That, in conjunction with many internal optimizations, lets you service more users, and service them faster than you could with your standard ftpd or wu-ftpd -- and the numbers prove it. Check out the performance comparisons for your system and see for yourself. Then download a FREE evaluation copy and try it on your system with no obligation!


NcFTPd is not free software (but please note that we do offer free licenses for personal use and institutions of higher education).

The licensing fee depends on the number of simultaneous FTP connections you want your server to support. The per-server fee is US$199.00 for 51 or more users, and for 50 or fewer users, you get a $70 discount, making it just US$129.00 for a small server.

You may download and use NcFTPd for a 30-day free evaluation period. After the 30 days, you must either register the software or uninstall NcFTPd from your system.

Registered users are entitled to free upgrades to newer versions by downloading and re-applying the licensing information. Registered users are also entitled to free technical support by e-mail.


When you're ready to purchase NcFTPd, begin the ordering process by viewing your purchasing options. Don't forget to take full advantage of the free evaluation! We don't want your business unless you are 100% satisfied!

Please do not send mail to hunnypot@ncftpd.com . You will be permanently black-listed if you send mail to that address.